Harry Brot

Harry Brot GmbH is a large bakery based in Hamburg, Germany. In 2019, the company reached a turnover of 1006 Mio Euro and has since been Germany’s biggest bakery manufacturer.

The bread products are baked at ten production sites and sold in over 9,300 stores.

The range includes various mixed, wholemeal, and toast bread as well as sandwiches and rolls for baking. Around 250 tons of baked goods are produced every day at the headquarters in Hamburg. The sales area extends over North, West, and East Germany. It also exports to Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, France, and the Czech Republic.

Due to the fast-growing turnover of the bakery manufacturer, our task was to develop a website and content for them. 

We started from scratch by evaluating the target group as it is a B2B market. We also produced user journeys and came up with wireframes for the final website as seen below.

Creative Team Häppy GmbH
UX/UI Design
Stella Ruthe
Art Direction Stella Ruthe,Meike Schmidt
Digital Christian Kochbeck
Accounting Nina Ziebel
Creative Direction Matthias Walkenhorst, Michael Schlykow
Client Harry Brot