Mom Care 

Branding Start Up Idea

As soon moms start to work again after giving birth, they forget about their own needs.

Idea: A collection of beauty products for moms which they can choose by themselves. Give them an application where they can decide based on their needs and wishes. 

Execution: A jar, which brings beauty products with it. Moms are able to select products the way how they are feeling. They can decide through taste, smell and imagery of Paradise. The result is a personalized jar for their needs and wishes: Mom Care, Jar of Joy.

Product is the App, through which moms are able to order and customize the final product.
Gain is the set of product,
which the target will receive after ordering it.
Pain is the online ordering,
so moms don’t have to pick it up at a store.  

The targets’ gains is that they are looking for something which makes them feel relieved. 
The pains are the workaholic lifestyle and their needs.
The jobs, which needs to be done is the to find the balance between their jobs and household and to cover the needs for theirselves.

Mom Care – Jar of Joy

Stella Ruthe (AD)

Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center Atlanta, Miami Ad School Europe

mentors: Richard Pietsch (Director Experience Design at Argonauten Hamburg), Robert Luciano (SR Digital Art Director at JvM Hamburg), Hank Richardson (Leading Design Director at Portfolio Center, Atlanta), Julian Schildknecht and Justus von Wedekind (Founders of lift for future)

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