Iceland Air – Ticket guide

Insight Whenever we travel, we try to cram as much as possible into our vacation. Given the opportunity, we would like to experience everything a place has to offer.

Idea The ticket is the tour guide. We make Iceland Air tickets as unique as Iceland itself by turning the ticket into a sightseeing tour guide. The ticket also acts as a type of checklist.

Solution The tour guide brochure can be a simple tour guide, but it can also be a small augmented reality experience. On the Iceland Air app, there will be a new feature allowing you to see special features within the map or information screen. Users can also book sights and tours right on the interactive screen.

Creative Team Miami Ad School Europe
Art Direction Stella Ruthe, Ophelia Dartey, Shannon Reeve
Creative Direction Finn Neubert, Tobias Mausolf (DDB Germany)
Client Iceland Airline