Die Seenotretter – DGzRS

Seenotretter e.V. is a sea rescue service in Hamburg for saving shipwrecked people. The launch of the new name for the new boat was determined by the community. The new name is based on the districts of the old Hanseatic city of Hamburg. Through online advertising in subways, out-of-home posters, animated digital advertising spaces, and an accompanying website, we made the community aware of the voting process. The website was the voting platform on which the city districts of the Hanseatic city were prepared on a floating map.

In the role of a Junior UX / UI Designer (Feb. 2020), I implemented the entire advertising campaign into the digital space. This project is a very special one because I was able to launch this campaign digitally in the 2nd month as being employed as a creative.

Creative Team Häppy GmbH
Art Direction Digital, UX/UI 
Stella Ruthe
Art Direction Karolin Konstanzer, Meike Schmidt
Creative Direction Matthias Walkenhorst
Client Die Seenotretter – DGzRS